Gangwal Fasting Special Singhada Aata 200gm Pack

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Gangwal Fasting Special Singhada Aata 200gm Pack

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Gangwal Fasting Special Singhada Atta 200gm Pack

Shuddh Singhada Atta 

Falahar ka aadhar

* Prepare Falahari Dishes

* Traditional Falahari Sweet Dish

* "Singhade Ka Halwa 

* Can make namkeen & sweets


  • Singhada Atta: is prepared from dried singhada or dried Water  Chestnut. The nuts are also eaten raw.
  • Singhada Atta: is used in many religious rituals and can be consumed as a phalahar (Fast ) diet on the Hindu fasting days.


  • Singhada  Flour is an ingredient that is commonly used for making dishes during Navratri & other fasts . You can prepare many mouth watering dishes with Singada Atta Halwa, Singada Paratha, Singada Puri, Singhada ka AlooVada, Singhada Ki Burfi, Singhada Ka Pakoda.




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