Gangwal Jwar Aata 500gm Pack
Gangwal Jwar Aata 500gm Pack
Gangwal Jwar Aata 500gm Pack

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Gangwal Jwar Aata 500gm Pack

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Gangwal Jwar Aata 500gm Pack


Do not purchase package if torn or tampered and/ or with stickers over areas containing statutory information. This is a considered pack. Company is not responsible for properties of material

like weight loss due to moisture or change in color

Storage Instructions:

 Once opened, transfer the contents to a well sealed container to eliminate the risk of infestation and to retain freshness.

Ingredients : White Millet (Jowar)


  • Jowar Flour can be used to make Bhakri, Theplas and other  Indian breads, where it can be used alone or mixed with Wheat Flour.
  • Stuff with innovative fillings to make jowar parathas.
  • The Flour is also used in preparations like dhokli, Khakhra, Muthias étc.

General Facts

  • Rich in fiber - Jowar Flour is naturally high in fiber.
  • Gluten Free- Being Gluten free, it is a healthy diet fora not only for those who are gluten intolerant but ais0 those who want to live a healthy life style,
  • Good for Diabetics- Jower is good food for diabetics.It proves Digestive System & helps in Weight Loss.
High Protein food with Full of Iron- Good for Bone.

  • It Improves Digestive System & helps in Weight Loss.

No Additives or Preservatives Used


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ajay agrawal

Jowar aata was not up to the mark

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