Gangwal Aata S (100% Sharbati Chandrausi Wheat Flour 5Kg)
Gangwal Aata S (100% Sharbati Chandrausi Wheat Flour 5Kg)
Gangwal Aata S (100% Sharbati Chandrausi Wheat Flour 5Kg)

Gangwal Flour Foods LLP

Gangwal Aata S (100% Sharbati Chandrausi Wheat Flour 5Kg)

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Gangwal Chandrausi Atta (Atta S) - 5KG, 100% Sharbati Wheat Flour

Speciality of Aata "S"


  • Gangwal Aata "S" is made from Sharbati Select Wheat, Grown in madhya Pradesh.
  • Wheat is procured from superior quality of farmlands conforming to Gangwal's uncompromising standards. Our grinding process keeps all nutrients like proteints, Minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates in their original.
  • Entire production line is automatic enabling the finesse of sorting till the packaging maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.
  • Gangwal Aata "S" has fine, consistent texture. It makes your meal Tasty & Healthy.

Farm to Table

  • Superior Quality Wheat Direct Brought from the farm to our plant.
  • Advance sorting technique allows only best quality wheat for production.
  • Crushing Grinding is done in our State of the Art Facility.
  • Packaging is completed under hygienic environment.
  • Hallmark of Trust and Quality.
  • Chapati from Gangwal Aata are softer, healthier, full of nutrients.

How to Prepare

  • Use luke-warm water for easy kneading of dough.
  • Add a spoon of ghee or oil before kneading to enhance taste of chapati.
  • Keep dough at rest for 15 minutes before cooking.
  • Roll dough - balls with rolling pin (belan) and cook chapati on pan.

You Can try other variety of breads :

Chapati, Poori, Paratha and Lachcha Paratha.

You can also make sweets like :

Meethe Shakkar Pare, Halwa, Panjiri and Gulgule.


Ingredients :

Sharbati Wheat - No Additives or Preservatives Used 




Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gangwal Chandrausi Aata (Atta S) - - Disappointed

Happens to saw a video- how the atta is prepared in your unit, inspired by hygiene, placed order through Amazon. It looks atta is finely grinded. दरदरा नहीं है। Or Maida is more. I don’t like this atta. You can’t keep the roti for a few hours. They hardened. I tried various methods including as prescribed by you. I am not sure that my review will be published but is for information. I compared it with Ashirwad select. This was a test case before your products are to be recommended in my family but disappointed. Thanks.

Ravisekhar Rao

Excellent and hygienic.

Rajee Subramanian
Quality product

Been ordering for the lady 3 months . Liking it for their quality and service. Would be greatful if the online viewing is improved for browsing the products

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