Gangwal Achar Masala 500gm Pack
Gangwal Achar Masala 500gm Pack

Gangwal Flour Foods LLP

Gangwal Achar Masala 500gm Pack

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Achar Masala - 500 GM | Masala | 100% Natural Ingredients | No Artificial Color Or Preservatives

Achar Masala
Aeromatic spices blend together to form
chatpate pickles


  • Yummy in taste
  • Not much of red chilli
  • Made from best of rai dal
  • Sauf used good for digestion


  1. Wash Green Mangoes with drinking water, wipe it with clean cloth & cut then into slices.
  2. Heat 500 ml of oil & then allow it to cool down.
  3. Now add Gangwal Achar Masala to the oil & mix it gently with spoon.
  4. Add slices of Green Mangoes to the Masala.                                                        Tip : For variants you can add Awala, Lal Mirchi, Hari Mirchi, Gonda, Gajar to the Masala.
  5. Your delicious Achar is ready. Have the pleasure of it with your meal.
  6. Take Bone China Vesel / porcelain vesel pour achar masala in it & close the lid with cotton cloth. 

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