Gangwal Instant Dosa Uttapam Mix 500g
Gangwal Instant Dosa Uttapam Mix 500g
Gangwal Instant Dosa Uttapam Mix 500g

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Gangwal Instant Dosa Uttapam Mix 500g

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Gangwal  Instant Dosa Uttapam mix 500gm

Presenting Dosa / Uttapam

the exotic South Indian pan-cake

that teams up with Sambhar to make

a classic Indian snack!


  1. To make Dosa, Uniformly mix 1 bowl of this packet & 2.5 bowl of water. To make Uttapam , Uniformly mix 1 bowl of this packet & 2 bowl of water & then add finely chhoped Onions, Tomatoes, Cariander Leaves & Green Chillies to the batter. Stir it gently with spoon to make it smoother.

SUGGESTION: Mix only the required quantity of this packet with water.

2. Smear little oil & salty water on a non stick pan & heat on a medium flame. Spread the batter in outward arcular motion to get a thin Dosa /Uttapam.Dot the edges & cook till it become golden brown. Using a spatula carefully turn over the Dosa /Uttapam to cook the other side.

3. Serve hot Dosa/Uttapam with delicious Sambhar (made with Gangwal Sambhar Mix) & coconut chutney.

SUGGESTION  (Masala Dosa ) : Add potato onion filling before folding the  Dosa have mouth watering Masala Dosa ready to eat.

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Customer Reviews

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Very bad results. The dosa batter sticks on the pan very badly after applying the oil on it.
Ghatiya brand
Dosa ka tohhh bilkul bekar hai...

Shampa Mukherjee

Gangwal Instant Dosa Uttapam Mix 500g

Sorojit Modak
Excellent service with awesome products

Products ordered received on time and gangwal products are awesome.

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