Gangwal Shahi Bafla Batti Aata 1kg Pack of 5
Gangwal Shahi Bafla Batti Aata 1kg Pack of 5
Gangwal Shahi Bafla Batti Aata 1kg Pack of 5

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Gangwal Shahi Bafla Batti Aata 1kg Pack of 5

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Gangwal Bafla Aata 1kg, Pack of 5 | Bati Aata | Thick Wheat Flour 5000gm |

Shahi Bafla / Baati Aata

Sunday Ka Lunch
Dal Bafle Ladoo Ke Sang.
Enjoy your "Shahi" Treat...

* Easy to Cook
* Malwian Variation - Baati
* Churma - Sweet Version
* Easy To Serve In Gatherings

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History Behind Baati
In Ancient times our Rajas' - Maharajas' used to have this cuisinein their Lunch and Gatherings. This cuisine is also called as Shahi Bhojan.
BAFLA, a kind of BAATI is a Central Indian Variation made which is boiled in water before being roasted it is much softer and richer in ghee than Baati as the ghee penetrates inside which is also very easy to cook.


* Stuffed Baati's - You can add various kinds of fillings like potato, onions, and peas. And enjoy new different varietly.

* Dal Baati Churma - No need to get worried about left out Baatis and Bafla after lunch. You can use it for making Churma.
You just need to crush, mash the cooked baatis and add ghee to it then shakkar bura / gud. It can also be eaten alone or with dal.
* Masala Baati - A Spicy variant of baati in which various spices are stuffed in small baatis'.
* Batti can be enjoyed with Chokha
( a type of spicy mashed potato mixed).
* Can also be served with Besan ke Gate ki sabji, Kadi.
* Usually Rawa Ladoo is served with it as desert.3
* In Churma Dry fruits and flavors can also be mixed with it.
* It is frequently eaten at festivities, including religious occasions, wedding ceremonies, and birthday parties.
* Superb in taste and taste even better when served with hot dal, pure ghee and chutney.

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