Gangwal Makka Aata Yellow Maize Flour 1Kg Pack of 5
Gangwal Makka Aata Yellow Maize Flour 1Kg Pack of 5

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Gangwal Makka Aata Yellow Maize Flour 1Kg Pack of 5

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Gangwal Makka Aata 1kg, Pack of 5 | Maize Flour | Makki Aata | Makke Ka Aata 5000gm Corn Flour

Desi Makka Aata

Punjab Da Kamal,
Swad bemisaal.
Makai de Roti,
Sarso Ke Sag De naal.

* Specially for winters
* Yummy in taste.
* Made from best makka.
* Selected from punjabi cuisine.

Product Gyan -  
  • Gangwal Makka atta is made from hand picked, fine quality farm maize.
  • Maize flour has lower calories compared to wheat flour. It is high in proteins and starch.
  • No artificial colours and preservatives.
  • Gangwal Makki ka atta is gluten free flour made from pure yellow sweet corn kernels.

Health Benefits - 
  • Makka Aata also called as Makai Aata is grounded from best quality maize / dried corn.
  • Procurement of best quality of maize is not only important, but its production and processing which provides top quality product.

          Simultaneously maintaining its freshness, aroma and flavor & we try our best to              maintain it.


Kinds & Usage Of Makka -


  1. Makka Roti : Generally Makka Roti is gently simmered over the low heat provided by cow chips (Kande) burning in an angithi or chullah which provides it terrific taste.
  2. Makka Bafla / Makka Dhokla.
  3. Makka Papad and Khichiya.

* CRUSHED MAKKA is a form of Makka, Crushed into small piece to form Makka Thuli Khichda.

  1. Bhutte Ka Kiss : It can be formed with the help of Makka Khichda
  2. Makka Thuli


  • Makka Roti can be eaten with jaggery (gud), ghee, sarso ka sag.
  • Makka Flour is generally added in Parathas' like Methi Paratha, Mix Vegetable Paratha which increases crispiness.
  • Makka Flour can be added in vegetables like Sarso ka Sag.


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