Gangwal Chawal Aata 500gm Pack
Gangwal Chawal Aata 500gm Pack
Gangwal Chawal Aata 500gm Pack

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Gangwal Chawal Aata 500gm Pack

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Gangwal Excellent Chawal Atta 500gm Pack 

Ganesh ji ko bhi bhaye,

Delicious Modak

ab Gangwal Chawal Atte

se he banaye...

* Made from Pure Rice

* Light & Fluffy Qualities

* Can make Delicious Modak

* Easy to Digest

Product Gyan:


  • According to Indian Mythology it is good to serve Modak maie Chawal Atta to Lord Ganesha. 
  • Rice that has been ground into a very fine powder is Rice Flour.

  • Rice Flour can be digested easily compared to other flours and it has light & fluffy qualities.
  • .It is also an excellent thickener for sauces, gravies, and custard.


You can prepare many delicious dishes with Chawal Atta such as- Modak, Thalipith, Rice Chakli, Chawal ki Roti, Paratha, Furi, Chawal ka Dhokla, Appe, Spicy Chawal Roti.

  • Grown using sustainable and natural techniques like manual seeding, manual weeding, green composting, and transplantation.
  • Milled from raw white rice, this rice flour is gluten-free & a good substitute for wheat flour.

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